Who are we?


S.C. IOEL S.A. is a research company established in 1991 by the separation of the Institute of Atomic Physics, special laser device section, by Gouverment Decision  No 729/1991.

Since then, IOEL has become a leading private provider of research & development services for optics and electrooptics.

In 2011, S.C. PRO OPTICA S.A. became the majority shareholder of IOEL with 90.77% stake. The transfer of specialists from the research division of PRO OPTICA have diversified capabilities and competencies in optics and optoelectronics at IOEL. These researchers have enhanced the reputation of IOEL by their knowledge contribution and expertise from over 90 research projects funded by:

  • National Research-Development and Innovation Programmes (PN I and PN II),
  • EU Research Framework Programmes (FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020)
  • Public or private Romanian customers.